The Aftermath

Janice Konstantinidis
4 min readAug 17, 2023

In the aftermath of the rape, Sarah chose to carry the weight of her experience in solitude. Time flowed on, a river of days that seemed heavy and elusive. A persistent weariness took hold, dragging her spirit down with each passing moment. A friend, sensing her struggle, softly suggested seeing a doctor.

The doctor’s demeanor turned solemn as he examined Sarah. His gaze met hers, and he gently delivered a truth that reverberated through her, “Sarah, you are pregnant.”

Those words crashed upon her like a wave, submerging her in emotions. Anger, confusion, and fear swirled within her like a storm. How had her path led her here? What did this unexpected turn mean for the future she had envisioned? She was merely sixteen, caught in a whirlwind beyond her control.

As time unfolded, the burgeoning life within her seemed to eclipse her dreams and hopes. An ember of anger ignited within, fueled by the intrusion she never invited. It was as though an unseen force had stolen fragments of her essence, leaving her grappling with a profound sense of helplessness.

Ensnared by this intruder, Sarah found herself isolated and entrapped. Her emotions tainted her interactions.

The weight of her situation impacted her personal life and her ability to navigate the world outside. Work and social life became more difficult as she strapped her heavy body in gridles. “You’re gaining weight,” People remarked. Sarah remained silent.

The parasite’s relentless survival instinct and Sarah’s inability to alter her circumstance intertwined, giving rise to a fierce resentment. A battle was waged a silent rebellion against the perceived injustice of it all. Each fiber of her being resonated with the enormity of her struggle.

As her pregnancy advanced, Sarah found herself unwillingly hosting the parasite’s physical and emotional demands. Her body underwent a transformation that distanced her from her reflection. At the same time, an intense repulsion for the life within her grew. Life itself felt like an act, a performance she struggled to maintain as she grappled with her identity. Even her family, who should have, but had never been her pillars, cast her aside again.

The world, unrelenting in its judgments, cast its gaze upon Sarah. She had dared to defy norms, according to it, and now she bore the weight of society’s unyielding verdict. This response only compounded her sense of isolation, whether it was condemnation…



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