Autumn’s Warning

Janice Konstantinidis
2 min readNov 10

In early November’s soft, diffused light, I opened my eyes to the clarity of winter’s first whisper. The ground outside lay under a crystalline shroud, each blade of grass ensconced in its own icy casing. Through the pane, the sun, not yet robbed of all its warmth, cast a pale, benevolent glow over this frozen tableau, igniting tiny fires in each frosty jewel.

I lay there, ensnared in the cocoon of my bed, thinking of the armory required for the coming months — woolens wrapped around necks, the snug embrace of beanies, and the feet encased in the loving leather of well-worn boots. The palette of my meals turned decidedly autumnal: bright orange squashes, the steam rising from a bowl of pumpkin soup like a spirit released into the chill. Hot cocoa became a nightly ritual, and each sips a bulwark against the creeping cold.

Gone were the languid days of summer when bare feet were enough to feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Now, I would find solace in the rhythm of clicking needles, the creation of socks not just for warmth but as an act of defiance against the biting air.

Yet, once a comfort in its predictability, this seasonal shift now bears the weight of unease. My garden, that verdant slice of Eden, has whispered the secrets of change — unseasonal blooms, birds’ erratic migrations, and insects that linger too long into the fall. The world outside my window plays the same old tune, but now it is in a different key.

There is a dissonance, a static of uncertainty that hums beneath the surface of these time-worn cycles. It tugs at the edges of my comfort, knowing that what once was as sure as the sunrise has now become a question mark, hanging heavy in the cold morning air.

This is not a mere observation but a clarion call. This plaintive plea resonates through the marrow of my existence. It beckons me, everyone, to reconsider our relationship with the Earth, our nurturing mother who has borne our presence with boundless patience. We are, in essence, custodians of this delicate orb entrusted with the stewardship of its precious ecosystems and preserving its splendor.

Like the plaintive cries of a wounded creature, the echoes of this disquiet implore us to action. We must rethink our heedless exploitation of nature’s gifts to reassess our cavalier treatment of the environment that sustains us. The fragility of our world, now more than ever, demands our collective vigilance and responsibility.

In the face of this dissonance, we are summoned to harmonize our actions with the natural rhythms of our planet, to nurture rather than exploit, and to protect rather than plunder. It is a profound and urgent call to action. This call resonates in the depths of my being and beckons all to join in the chorus of change for the sake of our Earth and the generations yet to come.

Janice Konstantinidis

I am a lover of fine cheese, my dogs, my garden, knitting, photography, writing and more!